About Me

Me in Scotland

My name is Juli Townsend and I’m a midwife.  At least, I believe I’m still a midwife – once a midwife, always a midwife – but my Australian registration expired while I was living in America, which is why I began writing.

And now, I’m also an author.

Living in Florida for five and a half years set me on my path to writing, but more importantly it connected me to others who were interested in writing. This was immensely valuable as an expat who knew no one on arrival in the country, and didn’t have the appropriate visa to allow m me to work.

My next adventure was to move to Scotland where my husband and I spent the next five years. Once again, I connected with other writers and my life was full…but I missed my homeland and children immensely, which is why we are now back in Australia, surrounded by family.

I would have loved to blog about my experiences when I moved to America and Scotland, but blogging hadn’t entered my mind then, so when my move back to Australia was still a year away, I launched my first blog, Transition to Home, to explore my thoughts and experiences in the year leading up to our return, and the year of settling back into our old home.

I’ve now been happily ensconced in a beautiful part of Australia — The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, an hour’s drive from Melbourne for over a year, so I plan to morph Transition to Home into a blog about creating a garden, and other non-writing related adventures.

Please see the Home page to find out more about this blog: The Writing Midiwife (The name should give you a big clue! 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rachel says:

    You have travelled around a lot! Congratulations on publishing your book. I look forward to hearing more stories about your travels, books and being a midwife ( I think that would be a very beautiful and rewarding occupation).

    • julitownsend says:

      Thank you for coming by, Rachel.
      I adored being a midwife. I doubt I would have moved to America if I’d known it would end my profession. By not knowing, I experienced the adventures of the next ten years, and the reality of my registration expiring didn’t hit home until I’d developed a love for writing, which softened the blow. At that stage, I still could have left my husband alone in Scotland, returned to Australia, and refreshed my qualifications, but I chose instead to leave midwifery behind me and keep on enjoying my expat life.

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