Blogging 101 – Why am I Here?

If at first you don’t succeed…

This is my fourth attempt at Blogging 101, life interfered with my past attempts, but I get a little further along each time, so I decided to keep taking the course until I make it all the way through, and hopefully have a blog/website worth visiting.

So, let me introduce myself once again. I’m a writer, and writers need a social media presence and they need to write. I hope this blog provides me with a space to do both. I plan to blog about writing, publishing, and books, but as much of my writing draws on my midwifery experiences, I also want to blog about birth, pregnancy, and parenting.

If you’re an avid reader, a writer, a mother-to-be, or a parent, I’d like to think you’d find something to interest you in these pages. Ideally, I’d like to have discussions with my readers, and learn about your opinions on these topics, too.

My goal is to publish something every week once I successfully master this course!

8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Why am I Here?

    • julitownsend says:

      Thanks, Samantha.
      Unfortunately, the prospect of two posts a week is daunting to me, so I’m starting with one. I’m hoping that with practice, I’ll also gain confidence.
      I’m not a runner, but look forward to reading your posts anyway, because you write well.
      I am into fitness – something that I have limited motivation for, so maybe your motivation tips will help me in that area.

      • samanthamacmaster says:

        well, I run, but I hope that my blog shows that we can all find something to feel passionate about and gets us moving. Doesn’t matter what it is. My other love is yoga. Thanks for liking my writing!! And some bloggers do once a month, so whatever works for you, just be consistent so your followers know when to expect your post….as least, that’s what my research tells me. I am brandy new at this too 🙂

    • K Cat says:

      I started my blog a few years back because of school and I have to agree my life gets in the way of my writing sometimes. Since I started writing I have become a better listener. It’s okay to take a break here and there to reevaluate what you are going to write, think about how people going to react and hopefully produce something that people value when they read it. Keep up the good work.

  1. julitownsend says:

    Susie, Instead of saying my stories are not so good, I think about published books I’ve read that I thought were badly written, or the stories bored me. Feeling insecure about our creative abilities is common, some people just disguise it better than others.

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